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Benefits of Tea to Prevent Stomach Cancer

Benefits Tea to Prevent Stomach Cancer In healthy people, the esophagus and small intestine acts as a barrier against harmful natural chemicals that can damage the health of the body. If the organs are damaged or hole is formed then the balance will be disturbed. On the basis of this structural damage to the stomach cancer symptoms occur. Although not as popular as any other cancer, stomach cancer is a common problem that often haunt every human soul. Person's chances of stomach cancer was quite high, which is 10%. The most common symptom is pain or a feeling that interfere in the lower abdomen. Nausea and vomiting want so familiar with the disease this one.

benefit tea, Benefits of Tea to Prevent Stomach Cancer

Although the cause of stomach cancer is not known with certainty, the presence of Helicobacter pylori infection is suspected as the culprit. These bacteria are found in most patients with stomach cancer. However, when patients with stomach cancer is treated with antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria, most of them treated, even they have never experienced a recurrence. Furthermore, this new discovery including transformed for the treatment of stomach cancer.

The researchers considered that smoking and use of certain drugs such as aspirin and other pain relievers likely to increase the chances of developing stomach cancer. Given this disease should not be underestimated, experts do not constantly looking for bidders are effective enough to reduce the risks. After a thorough investigation takes a good enough time, effort and cost, eventually the researchers dare to take a conclusion that tea is the end of a quest.

Recent publication stated that the catechins in tea may help prevent stomach cancer. Tests on animals try to underline that successful catechins prevent stomach cancer by 80%. In testing against other animals, steeping black tea given to mice can inhibit cancer formation, although the animals had consumed aspirin and other drugs that may increase the risk of stomach cancer. The results of this study has added to the list of capabilities such as tea in reducing the number of diseases on board the latest is a silent killer.

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