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Benefits Tea to Prevent Osteoporosis

Benefits of Tea to Prevent Osteoporosis
If you have previously posted about the Benefits Tea to Prevent Stomach Cancer now we'll discuss a bit about Osteoporosis is a disease that is not visible. This disease develops without any obvious symptoms. Patients realized when there is weight loss, changes in posture, cracks or fractures in one part of her body.

Osteoporosis develops when the bones become extremely porous and fragile due to lack of calcium and other minerals. It should not be underestimated given the osteoporosis ranks 12th leading cause of death. In the U.S. alone, osteoporosis is the figure exceeds 2 million. Unfortunately, four-fifths of whom are women. Osteoporosis is certainly not the only disease for women. breast cancer and cancer is an extremely familiar with the lives of women who should not be underestimated.

Treatment for osteoporosis is considered still very minimal and has a small success rate. However, the disease can be prevented. Strong bones and thick is the best defense against osteoporosis. Exercising and maintaining your intake of calcium and other essential minerals optimal lifetime can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Childhood and adolescence, adequate calcium and vitamin D in the diet is essential for the development of strong bones and thick. At middle age, when the amount of calcium is reduced for the maintenance of bone, calcium intake can slow the rate of thinning bone.

Bone experiencing an ongoing process. Old bone is replaced by new bone. If the replacement of old bone, occurs at a faster rate than replacement with new ones, then the case of osteoporosis be so open. Unfortunately, recent research data confirms that women are likely to have osteoporosis, eight times more than men. A relatively small bones and the hormonal changes that accompany manopouse, placing women have a greater risk for this disease was rewarded.

Based on data analysis of the results of bone resorption in animal studies, tea catechins may reduce the high absorption causes an excessive loss of bone mass. Epidemiologic studies on human populations supports this theory.  Recognized in this study, tea has been identified by a Mediterranean Osteoporosis Study as a protective factor against osteoporosis. The results of recent research reports that supplements of tea catechins may improve the structure and normalize the function of cartilage in patients with osteogenesis imperfecta. Four young girls aged 4-12 years who have this disease get the treatment with tea catechins is more than a month. The fracture is reduced significantly. Microscopic results on their bones showed that many parameters of bone which was not normal has become normal again. Although further research is still needed, this case study are very promising.

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