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Lipton Diet Green Tea Benefits

With green tea is so popular there is no shortage of brands on the market. One brand is Lipton Diet Green Tea. This sounds good. But is it really all it is cracked up to be? Let's look closer. First of all why there should be a diet version? Tea, in and of itself, is calorie free. Nothing to it. So why diet? Because the regular Lipton green tea full of high fructose corn syrup that nails the level of calories. version of Lipton green tea benefits is basically no different than drinking soda.

So, what is in Lipton Diet Green Tea? Many of the extra for something that should be natural. Tea is tea. You drink and there you have it. But Lipton tea full of extras such as sodium benzoate which some researchers have been linked to leukemia when paired with citric acid. That the combination of potentially harmful was found in this tea. Lipton Diet Green Tea also contains dyes and other preservatives. Diet version did not have high fructose corn syrup. However, it does not make sense or a good way to get green tea into your diet.

If you want to add green tea to your diet and then add 100% pure green tea. If you need it sweeter then maybe add a little touch of honey or orange juice. The majority of green tea available in the market is full of artificial sweeteners and added flavor to cover the actual taste of green tea. Actually most people do not like green tea but they want to. Most people do not know any better so they buy brands such as Lipton Diet Green Tea and think that they're doing something good for their health. They did not.

Most of the preservatives contained in a bottle of tea is associated with various health problems. So, by drinking this tea you actually counter act that will you get benefit green tea for health. In fact, this tea is green tea bottle less than they were a whole lot of other hard to pronounce ingredients. To get the my triad benefits of green tea are one of the best things you can do is their own drinks.

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