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Benefits Green Tea for Skin

Research by the method of test-control double placebo-blind for two years conducted the Stanford School of Medicine and the Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. to prove that green tea supplements can prevent premature aging. Green tea is beneficial for the body even in the form of only Tegreen97 from Nu Skin. "The research revealed, Nu Skin's philosophy that there is a strong relationship between nutrition and physical appearance," said Joseph Chang, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Nu Skin. He said, "These results illustrate to consumers that the best anti-aging strategy requires two powerful approaches that focus on nutrition and skin care from the outside." The study revealed a strong correlation between consumption and lower Tegreen97 skin damage based on different studies, including self-analysis, assessment of certified dermatologist, and skin analysis system VISIA. Women who consume Tegreen97 twice daily for 12 months showed significant results compared to those who do not consume, ie, the pores of the face became smaller after 12 months and the skin color becomes more flat. The group that ate more Tegreen97 showed significant improvement in skin problems caused by exposure to sunlight within 12 to 24 months. The analysis revealed that the skin with VISIA Tegreen97 user groups showed significant differences in the spot that looks and ultraviolet light after 12 months. The Nu Skin Tegreen97 of green tea extracts containing polyphenols, 97%, and 65% of it is the catechins. The power of antioxidants in one capsule Tegreen97 equivalent to seven cups of green tea and caffeine-free 99.5%. Green tea has been known in China for thousands of years because it is useful to maintain health. Modern science has been declared as a powerful antioxidant polyphenols. Part of the polyphenols, the catechins, known to be very powerful and effective way to neutralize free radicals at the cellular level. Catechins support healthy function of cells and provide antioxidant protection for cell structure. "Tegreen97 been studied in various scientific studies on green tea because it implies a strong and quality, as well as an exclusive formula and the ratio of green tea polyphenols has," said Ashok Pahwa, chief marketing officer of Nu Skin. With effective products in the category of nutritional supplements and body treatments, Nu Skin provides a variety of solutions for the realization of beauty from within. While completing Tegreen97 supplement, Nu Skin also incorporated into the product Tegreen97 serum Tru Face Essence Ultra as part of a network of antioxidants to protect skin cells.

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Tea - Benefits Tea
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