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Black Tea Health Benefits

Black Tea benefits Probably not many people know this type of tea, compared to benefits green tea, black tea is not so popular. Based on the processing process, there are three types of black tea (fermented or oksimatis, short for oxidation ensimatis), Oolong tea and green tea. Chemically, the most notable difference is the difference in the composition of the compound polyfenol content. In the processing of black tea, and Oolong tea, catechins partially transformed into theaflavins, thearubigin, and theanaphtoquinone. Although not as popular as catechins, theaflavins have been studied by several researchers.

A number of studies suggest that theaflavins more potential than the catechins, theaflavins recall the structure is more potential than the catechins. This can be seen from how much hydroxy group (OH) has. These hydroxy groups may function as anti-free radicals or antioxidants. The more hydroxy groups of a compound, it is his ability as an antioxidant compound, the better. theaflavins is only found in black tea or tea that has undergone oksimatis.

Is the result of oxidation of catechins, theaflavins due process oksimatis on the processing of black tea. Theaflavins strength equivalent to the catechins and even some recent publications stating that theaflavins more potent than catechins. Indonesia itself is currently listed as number five largest tea producer in the world. But Indonesia is based on the study of black tea, theaflavins contain higher than Japan or China. Thus, if we drink black tea native to Indonesia, the tendency to prevent coronary heart disease as mentioned above the higher.

Here are the benefits of black tea for health:
Lowers cholesterol and risk of heart attack
The Netherlands National Research Institute of Public Health showed that 1-2 cups of black tea per liver suppress the accumulation of cholesterol 46%, 4 cups per day hit 69%. People drinking 4-7 cups of black tea per day regularly lowers resikos stroke.

Prevents atherosclerosis
Catechins and theaflavins help get rid of free radicals that have no chance to oxidize LDL (harmful cholesterol for the body) that can form plaques on the artery walls causing atherosclerosis.

Reduce hypertension
A study of 600 people from 1507 Taiwanese men showed that those who drank 1-2 cups of tea / day hit 46% hypertension, 3 cups of tea / day suppress the hypertension by 60%.

Minimize the risk of stroke
Dr. Mahmoud Zureik of the French National Institute for Media Research states that drinking tea prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries of the neck, so a small possibility of getting a stroke.

Have anti-diabetes benefits
Dr. Graham Rena, a team from the Research Institute Corp. declared theaflavins and thearubigin compounds can mimic the function of insulin in the body.

Anti cancer
The article in the magazine New Scientis shows that the research showed that the content of the tea protects the body from various cancers such as lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. According to Hirofumi Tachibana and his team at Kyushu University, Japan, antioxidants epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) serves as an inhibitor of cancer cell growth.

Increase metabolism
Clinical study conducted by the University of Geneva and the University of Birmingham showed that the tea increases metabolic rate, speeding up fat oxidation and improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

Helped streamline the body and maintain ideal weight.
Tea helps you lose weight because the content of catechins polifenolnya increase thermogenesis (the rate / speed of burning calories) and inhibits the activity of lipase liposis gastric and pancreatic lipases that fat digestion is inhibited and can not be absorbed by the intestines.

Increase stamina (vitality)
content of tea can increase your stamina / endurance exercise by improving fat metabolism and turn it into energy.

Increase alertness of mind and relieve stress
John Foxe, Ph.D. found that thenaine increase alpha brain wave activity. The result is a state of mind is calmer and more alert and reduce stress.

Reduce the risk of decline in thinking power
Japan's aging society that consumes more than 2 cups of tea / day had a risk of 50% more vulnerable in terms of setbacks he thought power.

Increase endurance
The anine helps the immune system response when fighting infection by increasing the number of cells of the immune T-cells.

Overcoming bacterial and fungal infections
A study at Pace University reported at the American Soceity For Microbiology (May 2008) found that tea extracts are highly effective in the treatment of various fungal and bacterial infections.

Preventing dental caries and bad breath / halitosis
Dental caries was not found on elementary school children in Japan who drink tea regularly and continuously. researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago said that tea polyphenols inhibit growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

As a health drink and anti-aging
Adalam tea drinks pengulur age. Studies in Nowegia showed minimal secagkir tea a day can prevent premature aging.

Against the HIV virus
Current research in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, EGCG may prevent the growth of the HIV virus that is used as a complementary therapy for people with HIV.

Maintaining the health of others, among others:
Prevent osteoporosis (bone loss), decrease uric acid, relieve migraine etc. The enormous benefits of black tea for health, for it now comes Bless tea, black tea of high quality native Indonesia.

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