Health Benefits of Tea. Find out the powerful benefits of tea including red tea, green tea, black tea and more. Which tea offers the most health benefits? Also find out if Herbal Tea or Decaf Tea offers the same health benefits.


Black Tea Drinks Benefit and High Quality

Drink tea by far is still the most popular beverages in the world. Yet in his own camp tea emerged as a kind of competition "fight for the popularity of" between black tea and green tea. Black tea still dominates in sales volume. Whether these predictions will happen remains to be seen in the market reality. Popularity of tea as a functional drink driving with the increasingly widespread international scientific proof of the capabilities and benefits of antioxidants, mainly catechins.
Black Tea Drinks Benefit and High Quality

Content of catechins in green tea (about 11.5% dry weight) higher than black tea (about 8% dry weight). Thus, in the global resurgence of global functional food and beverages of the present position of green tea is better. So does black tea beverage was lower (inferior) than green tea and green tea will take over dominance? Apparently not as simple and as easy as that. Factor in consumer tastes for flavor, aroma and black tea prices are more attractive not be underestimated.

In addition, recent emerging results of recent research that antioxidants that equate or even favor the antioxidant potential of black tea than green tea. So the British Tea Council made a statement that although the content of catechins in green tea is higher than black tea, both are considered equivalent antioxidant activity. Thearubigens theaflavins in black tea and is the simplest form of the flavonoids catechin oxidation that occurs by enzymatic oxidation in the process of fermentation of black tea (which is not experienced by green tea).

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Black Tea has been loved by many people than green tea because of the taste. But green tea is definitely on its way.

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Tea - Benefits Tea
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Black Tea Drinks Benefit and High Quality - Tea - Benefits Tea